There are many ways to be involved with Gracehaven both directly and indirectly. Below are the 4 main ways that people get involved. A very detailed list of Volunteer Job Positions will be released by July 30th. Check back for more information!

1. Direct Volunteering (Tutoring, mentoring, case-management etc.)

2. Indirect Volunteering (Administrative support, social media, website design, data entry, event planning, resource development, volunteer management, prayer team, etc.)

3. Community Support Team (This is a select team of members who advocate and grow the program to new heights with their resources, abilities, and expertise.)

4. Ambassador Team (This is a team of members who reach out to the community to expand the knowledge of the program and raise resources, volunteers, and supporters through their connections and expertise. This team is equipped with specific resources and coaching to maximize their time and efforts.)


To begin the application process, visit our Youth For Christ get involved page, and sign up to be a YFC volunteer.


The first volunteer meeting will be held on July 25th with details and volunteer positions to be realeased after.